SV National Dex CAP Round 6 [$200 PRIZEPOOL]

Concept Everything

Neko no Ensekan
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Thedeathsofbeings234 vs spoo
poopidoopii vs Concept Everything


Host Error:
Samirsin vs Lightniong
Due to unfortunate circumstances this matchup was never supposed to take place, Samirsin was supposed to be placed in the winners bracket and the correct opponent adem was not properly added to the losers bracket. Because of this the results that happened in Samirsin vs Lightniong will be nulled and Adem will be properly inserted back in his slot. You’ll have until the end of this week to complete the game, apologies for the hosting issue.

New round will be up shortly.

Concept Everything

Neko no Ensekan
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gonna call act on both people since I am not gonna wait for 3000 years for a match to NOT be played

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